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I Am A Professional Coach…

For achieving your business and personal goals.

Your sounding board for making your choices based on your values.

Your wake-up call if you don't hear your own.

And most importantly…

A partner helping you in what matters most to you.

It is your life.

changing directionsThe Benefits of Coaching:

1) You reach your goals faster
2) You create new opportunities
3) Your life gets even better

Coaching with 4 steps:

1) Select a value-based goal
2) Design a strategy to achieve the goal
3) Get into action with a partner
4) Own the new accomplishment

A Coaching Model I Follow:

1) Listen generously
2) Tell the truth
3) Ask for the clients best

Complimentary Coaching Session

Well, if I can be your chief supporter and main sounding board, let's talk. Try my one-half hour complimentary coaching session. It’s a good opportunity for you to experience what coaching can mean for you.

For business coaching of several management members, teams, or whole companies, non-profits or group coaching via phone or in-person coaching, please call 651-653-8732 or email Rick@WhoYouBecome.com
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